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Direct representation of the company

RVS-Plast your best partner for better centrifuges and system solutions.

Distinctive features of the centrifuge RVS-Plast

1. The sealed design controls the spread of odors and contamination of the product

2. Ease of operation with continuous or automatic control systems

3. Limited consumables such as filter material or filter media

4. Optimal integration of the control panel of the centrifuge in the system client management, necessary for high efficiency and safe operation of your plant. Simple and clear work

5. Touch controls minimizes the downtime due to errors in management.

6. Menu in Russian.

7. The systems are equipped with connections that allow all versions of remote maintenance/management. This allows you to avoid unplanned downtimes and minimises operating costs.

8. All functions and signals are checked before delivery, which simplifies the startup process and gets its production speed is fast.
9. Maximum possible safety is achieved through compliance with all relevant rules ISO иEN, as well as our extensive FactoryAcceptanceTest.

10. Fast and affordable worldwide spare parts due to standardized components

11. Very low wear

12. For a long time

13. Up to 20 tons of solids

14. Very easy maintenance

15. Electric actuator cyclo-drive: absolutely not costly to maintain

16. The difference of speeds of rotation of the screw from 0 to 100

17. Very compact design, with excellent access to all components.

18. Reliable containment system, especially for bearing

19. Very low consumption of energy through energy recovery when the disk is connected

20. Very easy to use: short term training

21. Cover must be opened hydraulically

22. Metric dimensions fasteners.

23.ATEX version is available.

24. All equipment is flameproof, material is stainless steel.

25. The standard centrifuge is 60 cubic meters, can do up to 40 cubic meters capacity.

26. The control Cabinet can be reduced and placed on a frame next to the centrifuge.

27. The drives are easy to replace: electric to hydraulic, but it is done with them, and not in place.

28. Can provide 2 of the actuator according to the customer: electric and hydraulic.

29. The machine is equipped with consumables for 3 years operation.

30. You can pick up analogues oils.

31. Can split the extractor into modules for easy transport.

32. High productivity and cleaning rocks.

33. Cover snare drum with manual hydraulic pump.

34. Supply screw pump high performance.

35. Model GHS 470 is the most suitable for the oil complex in the system of cleaning of drill cuttings (power consumption up to 20 kW).

Company Profile - Maintenance Of Centrifuges.

RVS-Plast is an engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the application of separation of solid and liquid phases.

Together with our partners we can look back on the production experiences of more than 5,000 centrifuges, which were delivered worldwide successfully.

Most of our centrifuges is used in mineral applications in the drilling mud and slop oil, municipal and industrial waste waters in the food industry, for animal fat and vegetable oil.

In recent years RVS-Layer heavily concentrated on mineral applications, and we have developed a class of centrifuges that currently have the most modern state of technology of centrifuges on the market.

The most important for our new technology, this work is for performance, throughput, security systems and low operating costs.

RCS-Plast engineers have experience with all brands of centrifuges, knowledge of repair, maintenance, especially on centrifuges for solid phases.

RCS-Plast can carry out the following jobs around the service and maintenance on all types of centrifuges:

Service and repair of centrifuges, including

- Replacing the bearings and o-rings

- Repair of damaged elements by welding, mechanical

- Replacement of damaged components to original fragments

- Maintenance and repair of the gearbox or hydraulic drive

- Replacement of the drive system, including belt and gear

- Checking the balancing on the machines, using a mobile sensor system to restore the balance of the block of the rotor

LLC "RCS-Plast"   
Russia, Tomsk, Street of 79 Guards Division, 27A    
Tel/Fax: +7 (3822) 47-3131, +7 (3822) 47-3232    
e-mail:      Skype: rvs-plast   

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