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Function description unit for processing of oil sludge and drilling

The purpose of the combined plant, it is processing of oil and drilling cuttings. The provision of sludge and storage of separated water and oil phases, as well as dewatered sludge, is the responsibility of the buyer.

Provided by the buyer from holding tanks/reservoirs liquefied sludge is sucked by the pump. Sensor Ultrasonic transmitter (3) controls the enabling and disabling of the pump. With occupancy rates at 1 m pump turns on. When filling in 1.9 m the pump stops.

Vibrating screen, which is separately located above the heating container, remove foreign particles > 1 mm.
Foreign particles in a container, which is provided by the customer. The oil and drilling mud falls through the sieve (5) in the container is heated.

For processing oil sludge it is not directly heated by steam through teploobmenniki (6) by heating with steam (7) up to 80 °C and homogenized in two stirrers (4). Only then it is possible separation.

If the installation is used for processing drill cuttings, it eliminates the necessity of heating the slurry. In this case, the heating container serves as the unit of homogenization of the product using the two mixers (4).
1 Issue of sludge
2 Control panel
3 Ultrasonic Level Gauge
4 Stirrer
5 Vibrating screen
6 heat Exchanger
7 heating System steam

Description of the container of the centrifuge

1 Pump of filling of the centrifuge
2 Strainer
3 Coriolis flow Meter
4 Centrifuge
5 water Capacity
6 oil Capacity
7 Screw conveyor
8 Gauge
9 Window ventilation
10 the heat Exchanger of the air conditioner
11 Pump capacity water
12 Pump capacity oil
13 Pump screw conveyor
14 Buffering capacity of the wash water

In the application unit for processing of oil sludge pump of filling of the centrifuge is activated when the slurry reaches the temperature of 80 °C and contents of container preheating is higher than 1 m.


The sludge once again is cleared outside the chapel of the container with centrifuge filter mesh to a particle size of > 0.5 mm.

At application installation to dewater drill cuttings, filter mesh encircled with a bypass. To do this, close both flat gate/dampers before and after the filter.

With the help of Coriolis flow meter passable weight is measured and visually monitored.

At this point, the sludge is air-conditioned with a prepared auxiliary flocculant from the flocculant container-the control Cabinet (see manual installation of polymer) to subsequently be priprovozhdeniya further in a centrifuge.

Depending on the purpose of application, the separation may occur without the auxiliary means of flocculation.

Centrifuge separeret/separates the liquefied sludge by means of centrifugal force.

In the processing of oil sludge obtained three phases; solid, oil and water.

In the processing of drill cuttings, nozzle/nozzle for outputting the third phase (phase oil) closes and separation occurs only on the solid and liquid phase.

In water tanks and oil is collected separated oil and water.

When it reaches the established level of filling of tanks, centrifugal pumps are used to pump water or oil in tanks provided by the buyer.

The solid is transmitted to a screw conveyor into a container provided by the purchaser. A centrifugal pump removes residual liquid from the tank of rinse water.

Description container with control Cabinet polymer (Safe zone container)

1 Polymer installation included
2 transfer Pump polymer
3 the flow Meter polymer
4 Management of the container heating
5 air conditioning installation
6 Management of climatic installation
7, the Magnetic valve (the process of rinsing the centrifuge and air conditioning system)

8 air conditioning installation
9 control Cabinet of centrifuge
10 control Cabinet vibrating
11 Panel connection


LLC "RCS-Plast"   
Russia, Tomsk, Street of 79 Guards Division, 27A    
Tel/Fax: +7 (3822) 47-3131, +7 (3822) 47-3232    
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