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Direct representation of the company

1. Polnometrajnyi actuators for outdoor (loading and unloading) of vehicles

2. Special design of lifting mast system for outdoor (loading and unloading) of vehicles (Duplex, triplex, free lift)

3. Installation of operating system of training of operation with the specifications for software development in the field account for the movement of raw materials, preliminary costing, master data, material master data, work plan, create work plan, final costing, and production management

4. Development of narrow-gauge outdoor (loading and unloading) of vehicles in the modular system for large-scale production

5. Design small excavators for road construction

6. A fully automated, patented system for the distribution of manure with automatic adjustment of speed and width distributions

7. Development of piston pumps for agriculture

8. Design 6-station multi-position machine with a circular dividing table for the production of transmission gears. Reduced processing time from 30 min. to 2 min.

9. The development of plastic vacuum compressors up to 15000 LPM

10. Development of hydraulic, fully automatic and without human intervention of the operation mode opening the lid of the autoclave

11. 1980 Docking CNC machines to standard PC in the network DNC

12. Programming turning and milling CNC machine tools in macro - technique

13. The rationalization of the production plant of agricultural machinery

14. Development of the splitter up to 15 tons for large scale production

15. The development of shears for cutting the scrap with the cutter of sheet metal of up to 500 tons

16. The development of the patented, fully hydraulic cutter the verge of setting the gradient of the slope and transverse slope

17. Development of a fully automatic technology system with card access to CAD,CAM,CAQ and PPS

18. Development of technology modules for the system Exapt CAM

19. Design and installation pre-configuration tool with access to facilities and CNC management tool

20. Integration of a functioning DNC connection to a standard basic computer

21. The design system about 600 different devices for the manufacture of centrifuges

22. The refurbishment of a large lathe on a fully-hydraulic the tailstock, VDI tooling system, control system lubrication

23. Development of mobile crane with gas engine

24. The elaboration of a municipal hydraulic trailers to clean sewers with fully hydraulic lever

25. Development of tankers with the working platform and water cannon for landscaping fields

26. Rationalization of production in mechanical engineering in the technology of tool production equipment and production processes

27. Refurbishment of centrifuges by size 150-920 mm up to serial production and competitiveness

28. Development of 3 new models of decanters for olive oil production

29. Development and production of mobile 3 phase compact systems for the regeneration of waste oil. ATEX, full hydraulic, electrical Cabinet Purge system, steam heating of oil tanks with pumps for oil and water, the installation of flocculants

30. The design and construction of the 3-phase system for Skid slurry in the refining, ATEX with full hydraulics, hermetically recessed wardrobe and developed 3 phase disc centrifuge size 450 mm

31. Design and production of several mobile units for sludge and municipal sludge

32. Development and production of new high performance series of centrifuges for tunneling

33. The development and production of new, energetically optimized, a series of centrifuges for olive oil and industrial centrifuges.


LLC "RCS-Plast"   
Russia, Tomsk, Street of 79 Guards Division, 27A    
Tel/Fax: +7 (3822) 47-3131, +7 (3822) 47-3232    
e-mail:      Skype: rvs-plast   

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